Discovering the hidden gems

Curiouser and Curiouser
Curiouser and Curiouser

The National Trust is opening up many of its stores and hidden spaces across Notts, and inviting visitors to take a peek and try to identify some of the weird and wonderful items from its collection.

Visitors can discover more about a host of intriguing items at many locations including Mr Straw’s House in Worksop.

Many of the items will be on view for the first time as the trust reveals previously hidden treasures.

Some of the more unusual items will also be featured on Facebook from April through to May for online visitors to guess their uses. Pictured is one of Mr Straws’ objects, which will be up for identification. Detectives can post their suggestion and try to identify other objects at

“Our places across Notts are a treasure trove of beautiful, precious and sometimes downright odd objects,” said Beccy Speight, regional director of the National Trust in the Midlands.