Discover where lost things go

Harley Gallery exhibition - Where Lost Things Go
Harley Gallery exhibition - Where Lost Things Go

Have you ever collected odd buttons or wondered where all your lost socks go?

Then if so a new collection of paintings at the Harley Gallery will definitely capture your imagination.

The works on show are the original illustrations from Tom Bell’s new children’s book, Where the Lost Things Go.

These intricate, luminous oil paintings are accompanied by a special film about Tom’s work.

Tom will also be signing books at the Harley Gallery on 5th February from 12pm to 2pm.

Visitors will be able to meet the artists and get their own specially signed copy of the book by the East Midland’s based illustrator.

Tom has worked as a Graphic Artist and Designer for M&S, Aardman Features and Mamas and Papas among others.

Where the Lost Things Go is Tom’s first about characters Thingemybob, Moog, Dot and Rodney - the lost toys that live at the bottom of the garden.

Where the Lost Things Go tells the story of the toys’ first adventure in the big wide world beyond the garden fence.

The paintings are on display at the Harley Gallery until 5th February.

The Harley Gallery is on the A60 between Mansfield and Worksop. It is open from 10am - 5pm, 4.30pm on Sunday. Entry is free.

Where the Lost Things Go is presented by Award Publications, Welbeck.