‘Disappointment’ over Asda decision

An Asda spokesman said it was a shame planning committee members voted against the application to build the petrol station in Retford.

“We’re disappointed that the voting went against Asda to bring cheaper fuel Retford,” she said.

“The Office of Fair Trading recently recognised that Asda consistently offers drivers the lowest fuel prices nationwide week in, week out.”

“Most of our rivals hide behind local pricing policies, which in our view take advantage of drivers unlucky enough not to have an Asda fuel station nearby.”

From Tuesday 16th April this week drivers filling up at any Asda will pay 133.7 pence per litre on unleaded following a cut of up to 2ppl on unleaded.

Andy Peake, petrol trading director, said: “Everybody filling up at an Asda fuel station will pay no more than 133.7 pence per litre for unleaded and 137.7p for diesel, unlike some of our competitors whose postcode lottery pricing means prices can vary across their forecourts by up to six pence per litre.”

Motorists can also check how much they will save on fuel by using Asda’s petrol price comparison site www.your.asda.com/fuel-prices.