Dino show is a roaring hit...

Walking with Dinosaurs is a monster of a production that leaves audiences quivering in awe, excitement and fear, writes Guardian sports editor Graham Smyth.

The epic arena show features truly spectacular, and almost alarmingly realistic dinosaurs.

Some of the colossal ‘puppets’ used in the show seemed to fill the cavernous Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, with a deafening soundtrack of roars and groans to match.

The plot is fairly straightforward, as an actor summarises the history of the dinosaurs, and we the audience travel through time with him, stopping off at various stages to meet the impressive beasts.

It’s enthralling, as our intrepid expert scampers out from under the feet of a giant beast, it’s easy to get swept up in the story.

But often, there is no need for narration, and the hugely impressive dinosaur creations play out their own story.

Some of the dinosaurs are controlled remotely, while others feature human ‘drivers’, but all are exquisite in their detail and design, and compelling in action.

The use of giant screens helps to set the scene, as do the stage props, with trees sprouting before our very eyes and vegetation popping out of rocks.

For once, an arena show really does cater for all ages.