Dinno going zumba crazy

Dinno Lad Main Story - Zumba hits the streets of Dinno (w110901-2)
Dinno Lad Main Story - Zumba hits the streets of Dinno (w110901-2)

There’s a new dance craze that is currently sweeping through Dinno.

Yes we are talking zumba, the latest fitness fad to sweep the nation.

As ever when it comes to shaking your bits and bobs nobody does is better than our Dinno lasses, and such is the demand to zumba that a massive zumbathon has been arranged here in Latino Dinno.

Yes boys, girls, men, women and even those who are not sure, you are all welcome to come along and join the craze.

As you can see from the photo above, the dance craze has taken to the streets of Dinno where everyone just seems to want to get down and get with it.

Linda Lace from the Haberdashery and Decaf Denise from the Aroma coffee room meet up regularly with their customers to strut their stuff for all to see.

Even the Silverdales club is thinking of scrapping the traditional bingo sessions in favour of zumba and chips nights.

So here is your chance to join in, get fit and have a laugh along the way. On Thursday 22nd September the Dinno zumbathon will take place at the resource centre from 9am until 1pm followed by an evening session from 5pm to 9pm.

Amanda Turner’s Intershape girls will be leading the way to show you how to move with the grove and shake them bits that haven’t been shaken for a while.

With hundreds of scantily clad women expected to attend I for one will be there to report on this unique event.

The zumbathon is for local worthwhile charities and at £5 a session or £8 for both you can’t go wrong. I’d say pop in have a go and see what you make of it all. Don’t be shy and make every move count girls.

Barleycroft Bill was in Woods supermarket the other day and picked up a crate of beer.

His Mrs played hell up with him saying it was £20 they could ill afford. As they went down the next isle she picked up a £50 jar of face cream remarking that it would make her look attractive.

Bills response was that if she let him drink that crate of beer he would find her attractive and save them £30.

Remember, a zumba a day helps you work rest and play

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