Dinnington: Locals want better bus connections

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Dinnington residents say they are becoming frustrated by what they see as inadequate local bus routes.

Birkdale Avenue resident Lewis Sadler claims the town has been left in limbo by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, which oversees the county’s public transport.

Residents have long complained about the lack of quick and frequent bus services between Dinnington and Sheffield.

“It’s a strange situation really, the transport executive don’t want to subsidise the private routes, but they are simply not good enough,” Mr Sadler told the Guardian.

“In a way it might be better for us to let the current services die and see what we’re given.”

Specific concerns include the lack of motorway buses, which used to link Dinnington and Sheffield via the M1 but no longer operate.

The current 216/X5 route takes an alternative route, arriving in Sheffield via Anston, Kiveton Park, Aston, Swallownest and Handsworth.

Much anger has been levelled at local councillors by residents who feel they are not pushing hard enough for better transport links.

But Anston Parish and Rotherham Borough councillor Josephine Burton said that councils could only advise the transport executive, and can not determine bus routes.

In a letter to the Guardian, she said: “The council is represented at the SYPTE along with other partners, and has argued to maintain a service in rural areas with some success, but bus companies themselves decide which routes they will follow.”

“Those areas do have a service which is significantly better than other parts of Yorkshire, indeed, other parts of the country.”

“For instance, the X5 starts its day at 4.43am from Dinnington, getting those people into Sheffield who need an early start, and completing the journey in 45 minutes - not much longer than a car.”

A spokesman for First Group, which operates the 216/X5, said that after a recent consultation, no changes were scheduled for the service.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive was unable to respond in time for our deadline.