Dinnington: Charity Chicks raise £6k for homeless kids since opening day

Charity Chicks manager Debbie Houghton
Charity Chicks manager Debbie Houghton

Charity Chicks Boutique, a charity shop on Herringthorpe Valley road in Rotherham, has announced that it has raised £6,000 for children’s charity SAFE@LAST since the time of its opening six months ago.

Manager, Debbie Houghton, is delighted by the amount.

She said: “For the first six months, the amount we’ve raised is fantastic and the support we have received has been amazing. Since day one, we’ve had donations through the door every week and volunteers offering to give their free time to help us in the shop.”

Katie Jackson, a Charity Chicks customer, added: “The shop is very well set out and I love how pieces are put together, different to any other charity shop that I have been to and I can easily see my size. I always recommend it to others.”

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