Dinnington: Better bus service is unlikely

Guardian News
Guardian News

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive has responded to Dinnington residents who feel bus links to Sheffield are inadequate.

Residents had called for councillors to put more pressure on SYPTE to subsidise motorway buses, which ran until January 2008.

SYPTE deputy interim director general, David Young, said: “SYPTE provides funding for bus services that would not otherwise be possible for local bus operators to run.”

“In the Dinnington area, this includes early morning, evening and Sunday journeys on the 19A, 19B and 20 bus es, providing the only service for a large number of residents in the area at these times.”

Mr Young said SYPTE had never funded daytime or peak hour services between Dinnington and Sheffield, and that these were commercially provided, adding that it was not currently able to make changes to Dinnington routes.