Dancing all the way to London’s West End

A year after opening her dance school, Tracey Everett-Fox could soon be heading for the West End.

She has just secured sponsorship to help fund a production at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London next year.

“It will be our own production and will involve 15 to 20 children,” said Tracey.

“It can be expensive because the tickets will be at West End prices, then there is the coach travel, so I decided to try for sponsorship so that it would be more affordable for parents.”

“Marshall’s Yard in Gainsborough have offered to sponsor us, and I’m also hoping for funding from other places as well.”

The Everett-Fox School of Dance opened in Millennium House, on Fox Covert Lane, Misterton, last spring.

Tracy, 41, of Ashdown Way, Misterton, had been teaching dance in the village school and methodist hall, so it was a dream come true when she was able to open her own studio.

The past 12 months have proved so successful that she has put on extra classes and introduced new ones like gymnastics dance.

“I’m now teaching five days a week and we have a lot of kids who come more than once a week.”

“We do ballet, tap, theatrecraft, freestyle, street dance, and now gymnastics dance as well.”

Tracy, who still manages to find time to teach dance in Bassetlaw schools, is a member of the International Dance Teachers’ Association.

One of her assistants is about to qualify as an IDTA teacher as well.

The school has 105 pupils, including Tracey’s ten-year-old daughter Kazzia, whose favourites are tap and gymnastics.

There are 13 boys, 12 of whom do street dance, and one is in the beginners’ class.

The school caters for children aged from three to 19, who travel from all over.

For more information about classes go to the website at www.efsd-dance.co.uk.