Youth jailed for having a machete

A youth armed with a machete walked into a house in Worksop demanding to know where another man was, a court heard.

Thomas James, 19, pulled the weapon from his jeans and said: ‘When I see him he’s getting this round his throat,’ Nottingham Crown Court heard.

James, of Kilton Hill, Worksop and an older man with him, Dean Barsley, 28, of Shrewsbury Road, Worksop, were both given custodial sentences on Friday.

James was sentenced to six months while Barsley got nine months. Both admitted affray but Barsley was given extra for a separated offence of stealing scrap.

On 4th February they walked through the unlocked back door of a house in Victoria Road looking for Andrew Merritt, following an internal family dispute, the court heard.

There had been an earlier physical confrontation, said Paul Stimson, prosecuting.

Both men eventually left and were arrested some time later.

In mitigation it was said it was not James’s idea. He had educational difficulties and was easily led.

Both men had already spent four months in custody on remand.