Worksop man attacked hospital workers at his brother's bedside

Bassetlaw Hospital
Bassetlaw Hospital

A traumatised Worksop man who spat in the faces of two Bassetlaw hospital workers at his critically-ill brother's bedside  has been locked up, a court heard.

The clinical site manager and a security guard were called to the intensive care unit when Michael Barnett began swearing at staff, on July 10.

The pair grabbed him and Barnett lashed out with his arms and legs, swinging a clenched fist at the manager, but missing him, said prosecutor Robert Carr.

As he was taken to the floor he spat in both men's faces.

He later told police he had drunk two bottles of whisky as well as vodka, and couldn't remember what had happened.

Four days earlier, police were called to his home on Buckingham Rise, at 6.15pm, following reports of a disturbance.

Officers found Barnett drunk, shouting and chasing after a group of teenagers, who "appeared to be goading him," said Mr Carr.

"They don't understand, I have lost my brother," he was heard shouting.

The court heard he received a suspended sentence, and was ordered to go on a drug rehab programme, on February 28

Donna Pursglove, mitigating, said Barnett, who had an "extensive" record, had been a heroin addict in the past, but had kept out of trouble for ten years.

She said he recently found his brother after a suicide attempt, and, unable to cope, began drinking "huge quantities of alcohol.

"He can't sleep because he can't get the visions out of his head," she said.

"He says - "I am so ashamed that I behaved in that way. I went there to visit my brother. I don't know how to deal with things at this time.""

She said Barnett knows people in the hospital because he has recently been treated there for sepsis.

Barnett, 51, admitted the assaults and being drunk and disorderly when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

Magistrates activated the eight week suspended sentences, and sent him to prison for an additional four weeks, for the assaults. He must also pay £75 compensation to each man.