Web scam warning


GAINSBOROUGH web-surfers are being warned by police of a new internet scam to sweep the county.

Lincolnshire Police have sent out a warning about the scam where members of the public receive an online pop-up message claiming to be from Strathclyde Police.

The message states that the person’s computer has been locked by police and they will need to call a given number and pay a fine over the phone as they have been viewing adult content online.

A Lincs Police spokesman said: “Strathclyde Police have informed the public that this is an internet scam and has absolutely nothing to do with them.”

“They have made it clear that they would never ask the public for money under such circumstances and urge people who receive the pop-up to not to follow the instructions or call the number and should definitely not pay any money or give out personal details.”

Strathclyde Police are carrying out enquiries to trace the source of the scam and have asked that anyone who receives a pop-up message on their computer claiming to be from them to contact Police as soon as possible.

Lincolnshire Police have also received many similar calls from members of the public within the county.

If you experience this pop-up scam, you are urged to ignore it and contact Lincolnshire Police as soon as possible by calling them on the non-emergency telephone number 101.