Warsop man brandished meat cleaver outside pub

The Crates and Grapes, Warsop
The Crates and Grapes, Warsop

A mentally-ill Warsop man who lurked outside a pub waving a meat cleaver received support from his friends in the community, a court heard.

Simon Densham was seen outside the Crates and Grapes, on Warsop High Street, just after midnight, on September 30.

"He was swinging the cleaver back and forth and holding it up to the window," said prosecutor Robert Carr.

"The bar manager locked the door and called police."

Densham told officers he used the cleaver "to go fishing but couldn't explain why he hadn't any fishing items on him".

"He said he was drunk and had smoked cannabis, and a small amount of the drug was found on him."

Police were called to Densham's Church Street home, at 7.15am, on July 13, when he was "agitated, sweating heavily and appeared to be under the influence of something."

They found cannabis and a quantity of white powder, which turned out to be amphetamine, as well as a wooden bat with the word "truncheon" written on it, in the footwell of his car.

He told officers he used the bat to "improve his hand-eye coordination."

"He said he knew the powder affected him, but appeared not to know what it was," said Mr Carr.

Abbie Edwards, mitigating, said Densham had suffered "severe" mental health problems since he was a child, and was diagnosed as bi-polar.

"When these offences have occurred he has been experiencing an episode of his bi-polar, where he acts in odd ways," she said.

"When he comes down from the episode, he recognises that his behaviour has been wrong and he is quite shocked to see how he has behaved."

She said it was nine years since he was last before the courts, but his mental health had recently taken "a real decline."

The court heard he had not been taking his medication, and had used cannabis and amphetamine on a weekly basis.

But being on remand had been "a kick up the backside" to get him back on his medication, said probation officer Martin Sanderson.

Magistrates read a letter from Densham's friends, who claimed he had been tormented by some people in Warsop and humiliated after a video of him went "viral".

"In times of trouble mental health sufferers need help, not degrading," the letter said.

"I am confident that most people in our community love Simon. He should not have been a victim of ridicule around our village.

"Warsop is behind him all the way. We are not all bullies."

Densham, 45, admitted two counts of possessing offensive weapons, two counts of possessing cannabis and one count of attempting to possess amphetamine, on October 1.

At Nottingham Magistrates Court on Thursday, he was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, and received a community order for 12 month, with 20 rehabilitation days.

He was ordered to pay a £122 government surcharge and a £30 contribution towards court costs.

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