Walkeringham: Suspended term for Samurai sword man

In Court
In Court

A Walkeringham man who threatened his girlfriend with a Samurai sword during a bout of depression has been given a suspended sentence.

Lee Attenborough, 31, of Moorland Close, admitted pressing the sword to Zara Savage’s neck during the incident at their home in July.

Worksop Magistrates’ Court heard that Attenborough thought he had only aimed the sword at her chest and was distressed when he later discovered it had been pointing at her neck.

Attenborough has suffered with depression for many years and often controlled the problem in extreme ways with extensive use of cannabis and self-harm.

The night before the incident, Miss Savage, who also suffers from depression, had had friends round and this had, in the words of defence solicitor Ian Pridham, ‘upset Attenborough’s equilibrium because of something so simple that he couldn’t get into his lounge’.

The next day, Attenborough fetched a razor blade from the bathroom and told Miss Savage to leave the house.

She refused, fearing he would kill himself, and he eventually grabbed her by the hair to force her out of the way of the front door and left himself.

He returned with his mother, hoping she would get Miss Savage to understand he needed space alone and get her to leave.

Miss Savage again refused, for fear of what Attenborough would do to himself, and called an ambulance.

Attenborough then took down a ceremonial Samurai sword hanging above the mantlepiece and smashed it against the wall, hoping to scare Miss Savage away.

When she remained, he threatened her with the sword and his mother finally got the girl out of the house, whereupon she had a non-epileptic fit, brought on by stress.

The ambulance crew she had called treated her and then called the police, who arrested Attenborough.

Defending, Mr Pridham said: “This was an isolated case and he is supported by his partner and a loving family.” And he added: “He has since changed his depression medication and drastically reduced his use of cannabis.”

Attenbrorough was given a three-month sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to pay an £80 victim surcharge.