VIDEO: Have-a-go hero clings to bonnet of getaway car after catching thieves in the act in Notts

This video footage shows a have-a-go hero desperately clinging to the bonnet of a getaway car after catching thieves breaking into his dad's business in Nottinghamshire.

Grant Davidson, 25, was carried 300m (984ft) on the front of the white Vauxhall Corsa before being flung into the air.

Grant and his dad Ian

Grant and his dad Ian

CCTV captured the moment the car sped out of a compound belonging to Grant’s dad Ian who owns wireless firm Radcomm Ltd, in Mapperley.

Grant, of Mansfield, leapt into action after catching two intruders stealing eight industrial-sized batteries worth £175 each from his dad’s firm at 4.15pm last Thursday (June 7).

Incredibly, despite being thrown onto the pavement as the getaway driver tried to shake him off the car, Grant only suffered minor injuries.

He said: “I am definitely lucky to be alive. I had absolutely nowhere to go. I was either on the car or I was under it.

Grant clung to the bonnet of the getaway car as the thieves tried to escape

Grant clung to the bonnet of the getaway car as the thieves tried to escape

“On the CCTV cameras my dad and I saw the thieves had forced the gate at the compound and were loading the batteries into the car.

“We went to stop them. I got there marginally before dad and when I stood at the entrance of the compound I heard the car accelerating.

"It headed straight into me so I gripped onto the top of the bonnet near the windscreen wipers. He carried on driving and he was swerving to try and get me off.

"I was on the front of his car and it kept heading down the road. If there was anything coming along the road it would have crashed and my legs would have gone.

“After about 300 metres he just slammed on the brakes and my legs fell down and caught the bottom of his bumper and I just pulled my feet up again.

"He must have then clipped the kerb and I managed to slide myself off the bonnet and onto the pavement.

"I couldn't tell you how fast he was going but it felt fast. I could not comprehend what was happening.”

Grant, escaped with just a sprained and swollen ankle but says he suffers terrifying flashbacks.

He added: "I've had nightmares about being on the car. It could have gone a lot worse.

"I could have been flung off the car into another car or he could have ran over me. It has definitely left me shaken me up."

Dad Ian, 51, who is director of the company which provides digital bus timetables across Nottinghamshire, also confronted the thieves when he saw his son mown down.

He said: “Grant was already at the entrance when I arrived and as I confronted one of the men who was standing outside the car the other remained behind the wheel.

"Before we could challenge them the getaway driver suddenly slammed his foot on the accelerator and came straight for Grant just a few feet away from me.

"He was gripping onto the windscreen for about 300 metres down the road.

"He had to keep his feet up otherwise he would have gone under the car. It could have killed him. It was horrific."

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesperson said: "We were called to reports of a serious assault on Woodthorpe Road at around 4.15pm on Thursday, June 7.

"The investigation is ongoing and officers are following up several lines of enquiry."