‘Unwell’ Notts police officer taken off duty in coronavirus precaution after trip to Italy

A Nottinghamshire Police officer has been taken off-duty and been advised to stay at home as a precaution, after he reported feeling unwell while on duty following a recent trip to northern Italy.

Nottinghamshire Police say they have taken action in line with guidance taken from PHE (Public Health England), which has included starting the assessment process in relation to coronavirus.



The precaution did not mean the officer had the virus.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cooper said: “Public Health England has been advising us in relation to this specific case and circumstances. Nottinghamshire Police officers, staff and volunteers come into contact with people each day as part of their work, so it is absolutely essential that we take sensible precautions to identify potential issues as they arise and ensure that their impact is contained as quickly as possible.

“Nationally thousands of people have been tested for this virus with only a handful being positive results, so I would like to reassure the public that the force has acted quickly in this case to ensure that the appropriate action has been taken, in-line with Public Health England and national NHS guidance on this matter.”

Quarantine and isolation is a way of restricting the movement of people who may have been exposed to an infectious disease in an effort to prevent the spread.

Those placed under quarantine or isolation may not have a confirmed medical diagnosis, but could pose a risk of spreading a virus due to exposure.