Top cop calls for tough punishment


TOUGH sentences are being called for by Notts Police chiefs after two successive nights of riots.

The force has arrested around 90 people and expect that number to exceed 100 by lunchtime today (Wednesday).

Officers were called to more than 1,000 incidents as sporadic outbreaks of arson, criminal damage and other crimes spread through Nottingham.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Scarrott commanded the policing operation overnight and promised all those who took part in the evening’s criminality will be arrested, charged and taken to court.

And he called on local magistrates to deal swiftly and appropriately with all those who committed crimes overnight.

“The Prime Minister made plain yesterday that anyone who took part in public disorder would be made to face the consequences of their actions and be punished appropriately,” he said.

“We have filled the cells of our police stations and I want to see those we arrested before the courts as quickly as possible. I call on magistrates and judges to carry out the Prime Minister’s promise and to deliver swift punishment.”

“Last night my officers came under attack. Three officers were injured. Ten police cars and five police stations were attacked by groups of unruly thugs.”

“Those thugs must be taught a fast lesson. We will not tolerate this behaviour and nor will the law-abiding majority. This mindless, yobbish element of society will not be allowed to threaten the safety of residents, hard-working businesses or the tranquillity of life.”

He added: “We promised a tough, zero-tolerance approach, and that is what we delivered. Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to commit crime, to threaten public safety, to attack the police. We will lock you up.”

“We now start planning again for anyone stupid enough to take part in a third night’s violence. You will be caught. You will be arrested. You will be charged. And you will be made to face the consequences of your actions.”