Suspended Nottinghamshire vicar jailed for defrauding vulnerable parishioner aged 96

A 62-year-old suspended vicar has today been jailed for ten months for defrauding a vulnerable parishioner of £5,000.

Edward Morris, of St Matthew with St Philip in Bestwood, admitted fraud by abuse of position in connection with the offence against a person living in care when he appeared before magistrates on October 1 and was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court today (Tuesday 22 October).

The offences relate to 20 cash withdrawals from her bank account between 12 December 2016 and 5 January 2017.

The missing money came to light after the victim died on 9 January 2017, when two of the victim's estranged step-daughters were to be beneficiaries of the will and established the unusual transactions.

They also questioned why they hadn't been told about their step-mother's death by Morris until 16 days later, despite him being named as the executor of the will. Morris, of Rock Street, Bulwell, said he wasn't aware of any family and did not have any contact numbers for them until he found a letter.

As well as the prison sentence, Morris was also ordered to pay £5,000 compensation to his victim's estate, and court costs.

Rev Andy Morris

Rev Andy Morris