Road ban after Whitwell crash

In Court
In Court

A MOTORIST who ploughed into a hedge on the A619 at Whitwell Common after drinking more than double the legal limit of alcohol has been banned from driving for more than three years.

A Peugeot 206 driven by Daniel Ellis ran out of control and spun into the hedge near the Half Moon pub on Chesterfield Road in Whitwell at 9.45pm on the evening of 28th July.

Police were called to the scene where they noticed that Ellis had injuries and dried blood down the right side of his body and right arm.

“He said that he owned the vehicle but he hadn’t been driving,” Sherall Pickford, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield last week.

Ellis was with his brother at the time of the collision and both men were breathalysed as police were unsure who was the driver.

“He admitted driving in due course,” said Ms Pickford, adding that he gave a reading of 73mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath - with the legal driving limit being 35mcgs.

The 26-year-old Ellis of Mont Walk in Wombwell, Barnsley, pleaded guilty to drink-driving - his second conviction for this offence in four years.

The jobless scaffolder was fined £125, with £85 costs, and handed a 40-month road ban - to be cut down to 30 months if he passes a drink-driving rehabilitation course.

“He was driving his brother to his brother’s girlfriend’s house and they had been drinking within the locality of this incident,” said Bertie Mather, defending Ellis in court.

“He doesn’t recall saying he wasn’t the driver and he can’t understand why he lost control of the vehicle.”

Mr Mather continued: “There was severe damage and both occupants received medical attention but fortunately neither was seriously injured.”