Protesters charged following protest at power station

Protest at West Burton Power Station  (w121029-1a)
Protest at West Burton Power Station (w121029-1a)

TWENTY one people have been charged with aggravated trespass in connection with last year’s protest at West Burton power station.

A number of protesters are alleged to have entered the site during the early hours of Monday 29th October.

Arrests were made between 29th October and 5th November, when the protest, which is thought to have cost around £200,000 to police, came to an end.

Those charged are: Danielle Paffard, 25, of London; Aneaka Kellay, 27, of Manchester; Kristina Goodwin-Jones, 26, of Leeds; Rachael Thomson, 31, of Manchester; Sophia Coles-Riley, 25, of Leeds; Alison Cegielka, 27, of Manchester; Claudia Comberti, 26, of Oxford; Alistair Cannell, 23, of Brighton; Paul Morozzo, 46, of Wadsworth, West Yorkshire; Claire Fauset, 33, of Leeds; Lawrence Carter, 28, of London; Graham Thompson, 39, of London; Alison Garrigan, 26, of Manchester; Thomas Spencer, 27, of Manchester; Daniel Chivers, 34, of Oxford; Daniel Quiggan, 29, of Bristol; David Shakespeare, 27, of Oxford; Ewa Jasiewicz, 34, of London; Hannah Lewis, 29, of Hebdon Bridge, West Yorkshire; Alexander George, 32, of London and Hannah Davey, 34, of London.

They are all set to appear at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court later this month.