Notts Police roll out capture bikes in Bassetlaw

Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.
Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.

Police in West Bassetlaw are revving up efforts to bring motorbike thieves to justice with the introduction of ‘capture bikes’.

The bikes, which look like any other road and off-road motorbikes and could be parked up anywhere from driveways and roadsides to car parks, have been fitted with state-of-the-art technology to allow police to catch offenders in the act.

Neighbourhood Inspector Steve Cartwright said: “The ‘capture’ method has been used so effectively in cars and in homes that we thought, why stop there?”

“Where possible, we use this tactic to kit-out other items that are desired and sought after by criminals. In this case it’s motorbikes.”

“In West Bassetlaw, 38 bikes were reported stolen in 2011/12. Since 1st April 2012 we have already received reports of 18 thefts of this kind. We want to put the brakes on.”

He added that if any of the force’s capture bikes are stolen, officers will know exactly when, where and by whom.

“So motorbike thieves, beware. We are watching and waiting. And it’s not just in West Bassetlaw, we are starting to roll them out Force-wide,” he said.

“They could be anywhere. “Is it really worth the risk?”

Anyone with any information about those committing crime in West Bassetlaw is asked to contact Notts Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.