Mansfield shoplifter's 20 + years drug habit

Home Bargains, Mansfield
Home Bargains, Mansfield

A Mansfield man who has been addicted to drugs since he was 14 has appeared in court for shoplifting.

Colin Needham stole Persil washing liquid and Mars Bars, worth £22, from Home Bargains, on October 15, magistrates heard.

And after testing positive for Class A drugs, he failed to attend a drug assessment on July 8.

"He said he had been on heroin, on and off, since he was 14 and now wants help to get off the drugs, " said prosecutor Neil Hollett.

Nicola Thorpe, mitigating, said Needham had been doing some labouring work in Derby before the appointment, but got stuck in traffic.

"He made contact with the office but he was late and they told him the paperwork had already been processed," she said.

Needham, 35, of James Murray Mews, admitted the thefts when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

He was fined £80, and ordered to pay a £32 government surcharge and compensation of £22.

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