Mansfield man lashed out in Highbury Hospital after "breathing exercise" advice

Highbury Hospital, Bulwell
Highbury Hospital, Bulwell

A suicidal Mansfield man brandished a wooden chair leg and smashed a double-glazed window at Highbury Hospital when he was told to do breathing exercises, a court has heard.

Aaron Monington was admitted to the Bulwell hospital, on April 26, said prosecutor Daniel Pietryka.

"He said he got upset and saw a red mist and that's why he caused the damage," said Mr Pietryka.

"He was in real crisis in April," said Chris Perry, mitigating. "He had long term issues and had tried to get help for bi-polar disorder and manic depression.

"He was suicidal and presenting in a very poor condition. A physician told him to do breathing exercises and everything would be fine.

"He was desperate. He didn't receive the help that he thought he would. He showed no agression towards staff."

The court heard he was arrested on a warrant after failing to attend court, and booted a "wet floor" sign at the station, on August 29.

Mr Perry said that Monnington, who hopes to start a window cleaning business, has "clearly got a temper that he needs to keep under control."

Monington, 31, of Littleworth, admitted the offences when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

He was fined £80 for each offence, and must pay compensation of £100 to the hospital and £10 to Mansfield police station.

He was told to pay a government surcharge £30 and £170 in court costs.

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