Mansfield man caught with mamba in town car park

Toothill Lane car park, Mansfield
Toothill Lane car park, Mansfield

A Mansfield man was caught with the "zombie" drug mamba in a car park while he was homeless, magistrates have heard.

Police were tipped off by CCTV operators about a potential drug deal in Toothill Lane car park, at 2.20pm, on February 22, between three men.

David Wilkinson told officers he was carrying a small amount of the drug, said prosecutor Anna Pritchard.

He was last in court on June 2018, when he was fined for the same offence and breaching a conditional discharge.

Rebecca Williams, mitigating, said he was using mamba at the time, but is now taking the heroin substitute Subutex, and has found new accommodation.

Wilkinson, 39, of Cropwell Court, admitted the offence when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Wednesday.

He was fined £80, with a £30 government surcharge, and £85 costs, which will be added to the £255 he already owes the court.

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