Man admits growing drugs

A CANNABIS grower handed himself in after a police raid on his Worksop home.

Matthew Beardsley, 31, of Garside Street, admitted production of the class B drug and was sentenced to 180 hours unpaid work for the community, together with a six months prison sentence suspended for two years.

Police found six cannabis plants growing in his loft on 3rd November last year along with a foil tent, lighting, fans, a water spray and thermometer, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The potential yield was valued at between £1,095 and £3,650.

A man leaving the house was stopped and searched.

But when Beardsley later handed himself in at the police station he said the man had just been staying with himself and his partner.

Beardsley admitted growing cannabis and said it was for his own use.

He said that he smoked about £10 worth of the drug every couple of days.

Dawn Pritchard, prosecuting, said an expert estimated the cannabis would last one person about two years.

Beardsley had prior convictions for possession of amphetamine and heroin and was in breach of a conditional discharge for shoptheft.

In mitigation it was said he had been made redundant as a forklift driver. He had freed himself of a heroin addiction.

Judge Tony Mitchell told him: “You’re wasting your life. If you can give up heroin you can certainly give up cannabis.”