Licence kept

In Court
In Court

A PENSIONER from Walkerith walked away from court with her driving licence after admitting she failed to stop after a car accident.

Pamela Coombs, 65, of Stockwith Road appeared before Lincoln magistrates on Thursday 23rd February.

She admitted failing to stop after hitting a parked car in West Parade, Lincoln, on 6th October last year.

She also admitted failing to report the accident to police and driving without due care and attention.

“I had lost my husband five months prior and I have been grieving. He’s in my head all the time,” she told the court.

“I am obviously sorry and ashamed.”

Magistrate James Mulcahy said the bench had decided not to disqualify her.

Instead he imposed a £135 fine, £15 victim surcharge and £43 court costs.

She also received five penalty points.