Is this YOURS?

Is this YOUR Apple Mac Mini Processor?
Is this YOUR Apple Mac Mini Processor?

POLICE are looking for the owner of this recovered Apple Mac Mini Processor - believed to have been stolen from this area.

Police in Doncaster are appealing to the public to contact them if they have recently been a victim of burglary and have had computer equipment stolen.

An Apple Mac Mini Processor, as pictured, has been recovered by officers in Doncaster Town Centre, South Yorkshire.

The processor is password protected and the contents are unable to be viewed to trace the owner of the equipment, without the password being entered. Police believe this item could have been stolen in a burglary from bordering counties in either Lincolnshire, Humberside or Notts. Anyone who believes this item may be theirs is asked to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 370 of 6/12/2012.