Hit with public order offence

AN ‘AGGRESSIVE’ Shireoaks man has been convicted of using threatening words or behaviour, following a trial heard in his absence.

Stephen Charles Espin, 33, from Cornwall Road was due to appear at Worksop Magistrates’ Court on the afternoon of Thursday 21st June.

But he failed to show and magistrates decided to hear the Crown Prosecution’s Case without Espin and his witnesses present.

The court heard how police officers spotted Espin shouting and gesturing in an aggressive manner in Worksop’s town centre on 31st March around 7.45pm.

Faye Kelly, prosecuting, said: “He (Espin) was then hit by someone and there was a melee.”

“Espin was then arrested for causing harassment, alarm or distress in a public area.”

Officers PC Appleby and PC Fellows then gave their evidence to the Potter Street court.

“A member of the public flashed their lights and pointed back over his shoulder to indicate something was happening back along Gateford Road,” PC Fellows said.

“We pulled around the corner and saw two males gesturing at each other. There was a group of people watching it all.”

“Mr Espin was gesturing with his arms down by his side and slightly out, aggresively, dancing around and shouting at the top of his voice. I arrested him and he was charged.”

Chair of the Bench Alan Fidler said: “We find the case proved in his absence. We issue a warrant for his arrest without bail.”