Harworth lad ‘put future at stake’ when drink-driving

In Court
In Court

A YOUNG man from Harworth heard how he had ‘jeopardised his future’ when he appeared before Worksop Magistrates Court to admit to drink-driving.

22-year-old Manchester Univeristy graduate Jordan Wilson from Thornhill Road, Harworth, was well over the limit when he was reported for driving his MG ZR to Spital Fields in Blyth whilst over the limit on 29th January.

The court heard how he had been out in Doncaster before going for some drinks round at a friend’s house.

Gareth Morton then gave Wilson a lift home to Harworth at around 2am when Wilson said he’d get in his car and race him back to the house in Blyth. Gareth was having a cigarette outside the Blyth address when Wilson later pulled up and attempted to park but was ‘completely out of control’.

He took the keys from Wilson before calling the police.

Wilson failed a breathalyzer test with 92 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

Mr Varity, defending, said: “My client’s whole future depends on the outcome of today as he is due to start in the RAF in April, and unpaid work would mean that he would not be able to take up that position and he would not be able to apply again.”

“His entire future is at stake and he is full of remorse.”

When disqualifying Wilson from driving for 28 months, magistrate Mrs Mildred Law told him: “This is an extremely serious matter due to the considerable amount of alcohol in your system.”

Wilson was also fined £300 and ordered to pay £85 in costs.