Firearms cost hike proposed

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Home Office proposals to raise the fees of firearms licensing administered by the police have been welcomed by Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping.

Consultations with MPs have now begun in line with arguments that Mr Tipping and other commissioners have put to both the Home Office and the Prime Minister.

“I am pleased that the consultation is now underway and I hope that common sense prevails,” Commissioner Tipping said.

“This year the cost of firearm licensing in Nottinghamshire is more than £450,000 yet the income received in 2013-14 was only £56,000.

“That is clearly a huge and unjustifiable cost to our communities who repeatedly tell me that they want to see their money spent on police officers on patrol,” he added.

Mr Tipping wrote to David Cameron in August pointing out that the income received from fees was a great deal less than the cost of administering the scheme.

This, he said, made it difficult to justify public support for shooting sports at a time of continuing police funding cuts.

Under the proposals, a firearm licence would cost £88, rather than £50, with a renewal cost set at £62, compared to the current £40.