Edwinstowe drink drive woman allowed to booze by officer after car crash

Ollerton Road, near Thoresby Colliery
Ollerton Road, near Thoresby Colliery

A "traumatised" Edwinstowe woman refused to give a police breath test after her passenger grabbed the wheel and crashed her car into another vehicle.

Leisha Keane's Volvo hit an Audi near the former Thoresby Colliery, at 6pm on December 23, last year.

"The Audi driver was breathalysed at the road and then taken to hospital," said prosecutor Robert Carr.

"It was clear the defendant was under the influenced of intoxicants and was struggling to stand up."

He said Keane and her passenger each claimed the other person was driving.

"She was asked for a breath sample but then became abusive and claimed not to understand the procedure," Mr Carr continued.

"She finally spat the plastic tube to the floor.

"She was arrested and taken to King's Mill Hospital where she continued to be uncooperative."

The court heard she has a previous conviction from 2015 for being drunk and disorderly.

Mary Dixon, mitigating, said she had "serious concerns about evidence that was left out" and there were "major problems" with the police file.

"She was accompanied by a male passenger who caused the collision by grabbing the hand brake and pulling the wheel," she said.

"She was highly traumatised by the accident."

Mrs Dixon said Keane suffers from a personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, describing her as "extremely vulnerable" and eligible for a mobilty vehicle.

"She was the subject of abuse by a police officer who was sacked as a result," she said.

"Something strange happened between the accident and the second officer's arrival. The first officer who arrived allowed her to drink from one of the bottles in the car.

"She didn't provide at the roadside. She said she blew and the tube flew away from her. She accepts she was uncooperative but that was because she was in a state."

Mrs Dixon asked for Keane to have points on her licence rather than a disqualification.

Keane, 34, of Greenwood Avenue, admitted failing to cooperate with a preliminary test, when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

She was fined £80, with £85 costs and a £30 government surcharge. Her licence was endorsed with four points.

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