Drug mule gets 4 years

A MOTHER-of-five has been jailed for four years for taking drugs into Ranby Prison.

Claire Wilkinson, 29, had £2,000 of Subutex tablets, heroin and cocaine hidden inside her bra, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

A judge said she had fallen for sob stories from a serving prisoner who was the father of one of her children.

The child was with her on the visit,

Judge Ebrahim Mooncey told Wilkinson: “The man persuaded you to bring drugs into the prison. It’s a sad case.”

Wilkinson pleaded guilty and was of previous good character.

The 27 Subutex tablets were the most valuable £1,350 at “inside” prices, which were roughly three times the price on the street.

In mitigation it was said Wilkinson, of Aspley in Nottingham, had been cynically manipulated by a man she was infatuated with.

It was claimed he was stringing her along, despite having married another woman and having children with her.