Dead dad’s blue badge used

In Court
In Court

A MALTBY man must pay over £500 for using his dead father’s disabled parking badge.

James Trevor Lister, 55, of Malwood Way, Maltby, was ordered to pay £542 by Rotherham magistrates on 8th August after it was proved in his absence that he used the blue badge to park in the Drummond Street car park on 12th March.

Prosecutors for Rotherham Council told the court that after he had been given a parking enforcement notice for using the blue badge, Lister confirmed in interview the badge holder was his father who had died in December, 2011, and that the badge had been stuck to his car since his death.

He said he didn’t have any change and left the vehicle to go and get change to buy a ticket. He noticed the penalty charge notice when he returned to the vehicle.

Lister attended a further interview when he was told the officer had seen him return to the vehicle, but only bought a ticket after seeing the penalty notice.

The court heard Lister denied this and claimed he had bought a ticket before returning to his car to find the penalty charge notice.

A photograph taken at the time of the offence showed a blue badge clock was displayed , which had been set with the correct time, which suggested Lister had used the blue badge deliberately.

Lister failed to appear at the court hearing and the case was proved in his absence. He was fined £200, with costs of £309 and £15 victim surcharge.

Martin Beard, Rotherham Council’s parking services manager, said: “Cases such as this reveal how far some people will go to avoid paying parking charges.”

“But it should be remembered that it also infringes on the independence of those with genuine needs. The authority will continue to ensure that blue badges are used by those who really need them.”