Dad in court for growing cannabis in child’s bedroom

In Court
In Court

A GAINSBOROUGH father has admitted growing cannabis in his child’s bedroom.

Stephen Holmes, 30, pleaded guilty to cultivating the drug in the windowsill of his one-year-old child’s bedroom after police officers searched his Beaufort Street property on 21st April.

The court heard how Holmes only grew one plant and intended to smoke it himself.

The unemployed father of one co-operated fully with police.

Holmes was ordered to surrender the plant for destruction, and was also fined £60, ordered to pay a victim’s surcharge of £15 and £85 in court costs.

District Judge John Stobart told Holmes: “I do take seriously the fact that it was grown in a child’s bedroom.”

He added: “You’re getting a bit of a record for this, so I wouldn’t do it again.”