Crime reduced for sixth year running

Police investigating metal thefts at a metals  trader
Police investigating metal thefts at a metals trader

CRIME in South Yorkshire is down for the sixth year running - but metal theft and burglary has soared.

Annual crime figures show that between April 2011 and last month, recorded crime fell two per cent - the equivalent of 1,889 crimes - with a total of 100,852 offences logged.

The number of cases of violent crime, vehicle crime and criminal damage offences are all down this year, but there has been increases in burglary and metal theft.

Last year 7,654 homes across South Yorkshire were broken into, a six per cent increase on the year before.

And other burglaries went up six per cent, with 9,095 crimes recorded.

Violent crime dropped 12 per cent - 1,969 offences - to 15,050, which included 861 robberies.

Vehicle crime fell eight per cent - 1,027 offences - to 11,315, which included 2,668 thefts.

Deputy Chief Constable Bob Dyson said: “These are challenging times for the police service but today’s figures show our ongoing commitment to tackle crime and keep people safe.”

“This year has also seen an eight per cent drop in antisocial behaviour incidents across the force, demonstrating our efforts to address the issues that matter to local communities.”

“Maintaining this performance will not be easy but we’ll continue to use our resources as effectively as possible to deliver the best possible service to people in South Yorkshire.”

This year the force has seen a significant rise in metal theft offences with a 24 per cent increase across South Yorkshire by 957 crimes to 4,933.

DCC Dyson said: “Last week’s stolen metal operation led to 39 arrests and shows how seriously we are taking the rise in metal theft across the county.”

“This is just the latest operation of its kind and we will continue to work closely with British Transport Police, utility companies and other regional forces while the problem exists.”

“Burglary has a huge impact on people’s lives and we’re making every effort to address the six per cent rise with dedicated teams continuing to work tirelessly to tackle this and other serious acquisitive crimes.”

Criminal damage offences are down by 1,251 crimes, a 6 per cent drop to 19,328 incidents.

The force has to save around £40 million over the next few years in response to Government funding cuts.