Crime down but burglary up

CRIME fell by seven per cent last year in South Yorkshire - with 95,362 offences recorded.

New figures revealed that there were 6,783 fewer crimes in South Yorkshire in 2012 compared to the year before, when 102,145 crimes were logged.

Violent crime fell by seven per cent, with 14,401 offences recorded. Sexual offences also decreased, falling by six per cent with 629 crimes logged by police.

Vehicle thefts saw the biggest decline, falling by 15 per cent, with 2,466 crimes recorded.

But it wasn’t all good news for South Yorkshire Police as household burglaries went up by seven per cent with a total of 7,955 recorded last year.

Robbery also went up by three per cent - or 23 offences - with 875 crimes logged.

Shoplifting went up by 10 per cent, with 9,460 cases logged, and the number of cases of fraud and forgery went up by nine per cent, to 2,360.

South Yorkshire’s Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, Andy Holt, said it was ‘pleasing’ to see the hard work of police officers and staff helping to reduce overall crime.

“We have just completed a month-long festive campaign targeting excessive drinking and aggressive behaviour, which has contributed to a reduction in violent crime by over 1,000 offences,” he continued.

“Some crimes that really impact on people’s lives are showing an increase and offenders who break into homes and cars will not be tolerated.

“We recognised the rise in house burglaries and theft from vehicles early and, using local intelligence, we’re targeting extra patrols and police activity on a daily basis.”

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