Car thugs slash 11 tyres overnight on Plantation Hill and Bracebridge

Laura Harrison's car tyres were slashed on Plantation Hill, Worksop  (w120718-4bj)
Laura Harrison's car tyres were slashed on Plantation Hill, Worksop (w120718-4bj)

THOUGHTLESS thugs went on a car tyre slashing rampage in Worksop on Monday night - leaving 11 people with damaged cars.

They slashed 11 vehicles belonging to residents on Plantation Hill and Bracebridge Avenue between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Laura Harrison, of Plantation Hill, was outraged to find her car had been targeted.

“I was just about to leave my house on Tuesday morning as my dad is in hospital and I was going to look after his dog,” she said.

“A police officer knocked on my door to tell me what had happened and then I realised one of my car tyres had been slashed.”

Laura was disgusted to learn several other residents had also been affected and said those responsible should be ashamed of their actions.

“What they did was really stupid and selfish - it’s people with nothing better to do than go round and ruin it for other people,” she said.

“If it was my kids who had done this, I would be absolutely mortified.”

She added: “It has really inconvenienced me but what the people who did this don’t realise is it might have been an old lady whose car they were damaging - for them that is this their lifeline.”

Inspector Cartwright of Notts Police condemned the actions of those responsible for the car tyre damage but stressed he was confident it was an isolated incident.

“This was a malicious attack which shows total disregard for the community in which they live. They obviously think it’s acceptable to go round slashing car tyres and need to be caught,” he said.

“Residents are understandably upset about what has happened and I will be speaking to them this week to reassure them.”

He added: “What has happened has upset me - we were doing very well on crime reduction and are down 26 per cent compared to this time last year.”

“But I am happy that this was an isolated incident and that there was no connection between any of the victims.”

Insp Cartwright added they exploring all avenues to catch those responsible for the damage.

“We have got two pieces of CCTV footage we are currently looking at and we will be putting on extra police patrols overnight,” he said.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Notts Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111.