Car damage man fined

BIRTHDAY celebrations ended in a large court bill for a reveller who vandalised a Barlborough man’s car.

Chesterfield magistrates heard Anthony Stewart’s Ford Fiesta was parked on the drive of his home in Ruthyn Avenue. He looked outside at 6pm on 9th April and saw four men walk down the street to his door.

“They wanted to speak to a friend of his who refused to go outside,” said Becky Mahon, prosecuting.

Mr Stewart heard someone swear loudly and then found two windows on his car had been smashed.

“He didn’t see who did it. Police spoke to some people who had gathered outside and Nigel Sizeland’s name was mentioned,” she added.

Sizeland, 29, of Tannery Close, Sheffield, admitted damaging property and was fined £148, with £450 compensation and £85 costs.