Car crash breath test failures down in Notts

NOTTS roads are said to be getting safer after officials say that fewer drivers involved in collisions failed roadside breath tests this year during Notts Police’s annual summer drink and drug drive campaign.

More than 1,500 tests were carried out in June, -with 158 arrests made for failing or refusing to give breath tests.

Police say that figure included 388 drivers who were tested following collisions.

A spokesman said: “Only 20 of the 388 failed tests, a ratio of around one in 19.”

“In June last year, the ratio was one in ten, when 42 out of 444 failed tests following collisions.

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Hall of Notts Police’s Road Crime Unit said: “The collision testing figure is an indicator that, potentially at least, fewer drink drivers are out on the county’s roads.”

He added: “It is our ambition, with the help of the public, to keep reducing the number of drink drivers on our roads, and consequently, to reduce the number of collisions in which drivers are found to have consumed excessive levels of alcohol or drugs.”

“This is, of course, part of a wider plan to continually reduce the overall number of serious injury and fatal collisions to below 300 per year by 2020.”

- For the full story see Friday’s Guardian.