Burglar jailed

Ladrick Brady
Ladrick Brady

A BURGLAR who raided 11 properties - including homes in Clowne - has been jailed for 30 months.

Ladrick Brady’s crime spree was finally stopped when he was identified by DNA sampling after leaving a bloodstain during a break-in on 25th March.

Brady, of Devonshire Avenue North, Chesterfield, was told at Derby Crown Court on 25th May he would have been facing around five years in prison – had he not confessed to ten other offences.

Judge John Wait said: “You have got a bad record and it’s obvious it’s because of your (drug) addiction.”

He added: “What you have done is very serious. Had you been convicted after a trial the appropriate sentence would have been five years in prison.”

His spate of burglaries took place at several houses including Clowne, Wingerworth, Dronfield, and Coal Aston.

He stole hundreds of pounds from each home, jewellery and a range of electrical items which he sold to feed his drug habit.

The crimes were picked up after Brady raided a woman’s house while she was watching the Spireites at Wembley.

He forced entry to the address through a bathroom window, rummaged through drawers and stole £600.

But Brady cut himself when his head got stuck in the bathroom window – which led to him being traced. After admitting the burglary he confessed to ten other similar offences.

Sarah Brown defending said: “The matters would not have come to light without his admission. Clearly he wanted to wipe the slate clean.”