‘Broken’ man spared prison

A MAN who tracked down his estranged wife’s new address and followed her in his car has been spared jail for harassment.

Nadine Love moved to Rogers Avenue, in Creswell, following the end of her 30-year relationship with husband Gary.

“She had fled from the marital home after being assaulted and he was cautioned by police for that,” Rachael Ward, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

“He discovered her address and attended it while she was out. This made her fear for her safety,”

Love, 48, was given a verbal warning by police to leave her alone but he continued sending text messages and leaving voicemail.

He followed her in his car on 12th August and, on 13th September, he went to her mother’s home. “He knew she would be there because it was her mother’s birthday,” said Ms Ward. On 3rd October a neighbour told Mrs Love a man had been acting suspiciously at her address. “It was captured on CCTV. All his behaviour has caused harassment, alarm and distress,” added Ms Ward.

Love, a factory worker, of Birch Road, New Ollerton, admitted harassment between 2nd July and 3rd October. Magistrates had warned at an earlier hearing he could be locked up but they instead imposed 60 hours unpaid work.

He thought the marriage could be reconciled and he sent her non-threatening messages, with one exception.

Liz Broughton, for Love, said he left his mother-in-law’s home before his wife got there: “Their lives were inextricably linked. It was a great shock to him to learn the relationship was coming to an end, but he now accepts that and solicitors are dealing with the divorce. He has been a broken man. He reacted badly in difficult circumstances and he was showing suicidal tendencies at one point, but he seems to have moved through it.”