Bassetlaw: Hunting rifle and animal dart handed in during firearms amnesty

Some of the firearms handed in during the amnesty
Some of the firearms handed in during the amnesty

More than 100 weapons and rounds of ammunition have been handed in as we enter the final days of the Firearms Amnesty.

Notts Police launched the first firearms amnesty in a decade on Monday 3rd March.

Hunting rifles, starting guns, air rifles, an animal dart, replica weapons and antique weaponry are among the items surrendered at 15 police stations across the county.

A sawn-off shot gun and several hand guns are also being made safe by specially trained firearms officers.

The amnesty aims to remove illegal weapons off the streets as well as weapons being held in ignorance that could potentially be used for criminal activity. It is also an opportunity for those with legal weapons to dispose of them safely if they no longer want them.

DCI Mick Luke of Vanguard, the force’s large-scale, ongoing investigation to target violent offenders, said he was pleased with the response with the amnesty to date.

He said: “More than 100 weapons and different ammunition have been handed in which is very encouraging.”

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from people who have acknowledged that they held the weapons without realizing the illegality or simply didn’t know what to do with them.”

“Our job is to ensure that anything harmful, or that could be used for criminal activity, are removed. All of these weapons could fall into this category and it is good news that they are no longer in our communities.”

The amnesty runs until 17th March and weapons and ammunition can be handed in at Worksop and Retford police stations.