Creswell: Jail for pair who left student unconscious after vicious attack

Jordon Humphrey
Jordon Humphrey

Two Creswell teenagers have been locked up for kicking a student and stamping on his face - leaving him scarred for life and worried about looking like a troublemaker.

Derby Crown Court heard that the attack also left the 18 year-old unable to complete his A-Level exams and afraid to go out alone in Staveley.

Reece Hardy

Reece Hardy

Judge John Burgess jailed Reece Hardy, 18, of Dover Street, Creswell for 22 months and Jordon Humphrey, 19, of Linden Road, Creswell for 20 months after both admitted assault and Grievous Bodily Harm at Derby

He told the pair: “What you did was terrible. All you have to do is look at the photographs of this young man, look at the scarring.

“He will have to endure comments made about it. People ask him what happened and he feels people who don’t know him question whether he is trouble and looking for fights.”

Mark Knowles, prosecuting, said a group of friends from Staveley attended a 17th birthday party at Creswell Social Centre on 10th May last year.

Hardy and Humphrey were already there and had been drinking heavily.

A teenager was punched in the face while inside the club but managed to get away and alert police.

But there was further violence outside the club with two more victims.

One was hit in the face and the A-Level student was knocked to the ground and kicked while unconscious.

“He was kicked by both defendants and a witness said it was like a volleying of a football and a stamping on the head,” added Mr Knowles.

In a statement read in court, the victim said: “It upsets me knowing these scars will be visible for life.”

I would have gone anywhere believing I was safe.”

“If I now go out, I can’t go on my own. I don’t even feel safe if there are two of us.”

Sarah Brown, defending for Hardy, said: “He is a young man and perhaps younger than his years.”

“Perhaps it was a combination of immaturity and the alcohol he consumed during the day and the evening prior to this incident.”

“This is totally out of character and he is deeply ashamed that he has acted in such a violent way.”

“He has obviously let down himself and his mother.”

Will Bennett, defending for Humphrey, told the judge: “He was very drunk and didn’t have clear recollections”

“He accepts this was appalling behaviour, described as sickening, and he is sickened by what he has done.”

“His behaviour will not be repeated.”