Country sees true Worksop

PC Christian Hurley on patrol
PC Christian Hurley on patrol

Worksop was trending on Twitter on Monday night.

Not surprisingly, it was for all the wrong reasons.

‘Bad night for Worksop Tourist Board’, ‘*cancels move to Worksop*’, ‘I’m getting the impression we should maybe build a massive wall around Worksop’, and ‘Worksop looks worse than hell’, were just a few of the printable tweets that followed the screening of Coppers on Channel 4.

Monday night’s episode followed the Worksop Beat Bobbies as they were called to pick up one feckless lowlife after another.

For an hour television viewers up and down the land were taken on a journey through a sewer of violence and drug and alcohol abuse.

It made Shameless look like The Waltons.

Among the ‘highlights’ was a 15-year-old who beat up his mum, raids on grotty flats stored with more pharmeceuticals than Boots, and neighbourly disputes over noisy rabbits.

One scene showed a raid on a home of a drugged-up zombie-like being, who was supposedly a woman.

Other scenes featured ‘homes’ that were a foot-deep in used needles, dirty nappies, and all sorts of other filth and detritus.

At the forefront of this battle were a beat bobbie double act - one who looks about 12-years-old, and the other who looks like one of the Mitchell brothers.

They enjoy playing table tennis together and they are also tasked with patrolling the streets of Worksop, rounding up all the vermin.

It’s a thankless task, and to be fair to them the pair of them came across pretty well.

But the undisputed ‘star’ of the show was Worksop’s most notorious waster, Danny Wilson, a man who’s had more court appearances than I’ve had hot dinners.

This is the loser who stumbles around town in a drunken stupor, growling at passersby.

He once got caught ‘in flagrante’ in the middle of town on a Sunday afternoon with some lucky lady.

He spent most of his 15 minutes of fame on Monday night hurling obscenities at the local bobbies.

It turns out people actually feel sorry for this shambling idiot.

Does anyone force him to get off his face at any given opportunity? No.

He’s been given enough opportunities to sort his sorry life out.