Council to repair roads after 100 complaints

Potholes on the A619 near to Whitwell Wood
Potholes on the A619 near to Whitwell Wood

Spring may have sprung but the winter weather has left a lasting legacy on our roads - in the form of pesky potholes and crumbling carriageways.

But a lack of action from the local councils, responsible for highway repairs, is driving many motorists clean out of patience.

Last week we reported that Notts County Council had launched a three point action plan to repair the craters and bring road surfaces across the county up to an acceptable standard.

The strategy will see better quality, longer lasting repairs done to potholes, and more waterproofing ‘surface dressing’ to preserve existing road surfaces.

But over the county border into Derbyshire, drivers are demanding immediate action as the pothole problem gets worse.

Back in February, we asked Derbyshire County Council when it planned to repair the undulating asphalt on the A619, where the road is scattered with cracks and holes.

The worst potholes are between Whitwell Woods, The Half Moon pub and Arrow Farm.

Roadside signs and traffic cones are there to warn drivers of the dangerous terrain ahead of them. And the authority said it would be carrying out repair work from next week.

But 10 weeks and thousands of vehicles later, the work still hasn’t been done.

One local resident said: “It’s people on motorcycles I feel sorry for. All roads round Creswell, Whitwell, Worksop and Chesterfield are utterly disgusting. They are death traps.”

Another motorist said: “I’m surprised my car is still in one piece. I’m a careful driver but have had some near misses thanks to the huge potholes in the area.”

When we went to investigate for ourselves we witnessed first hand the bone-shaking depth of some of the surface damage.

The biggest pothole near Whitwell Woods covers almost half of the entire width of the road.

Drivers are forced to slow down, sometimes slamming on their brakes and even veering across the centre line to avoid the deepening ditch.

And on the A60 Mansfield Road near the turn-off towards Belph, things are not much better.

A number of craters have combined at the junction to create a danger zone stretching several metres in length.

• Report potholes online at or call 08456 058 058. Similar systems operate via Notts County Council and Rotherham Council websites.