Could you lose weight on the Greggs diet?

Greggs sausage rolls are a firm favourite with customers.

First it was the F-plan, then the Adkins now the latest scheme to help you lose weight has been launched: The Greggs diet!

The High Street baker and food outlet, best known for its sausage rolls, has launched its own ‘diet plan’ - which is intended to allow for treats such as doughnuts and sausage rolls while still losing weight.

Greggs has a number of stores across the county

Monday July 3 is the date that most Brits start a summer diet, and the bakery chain has collaborated with a leading dietitian to create a healthier eating regime.

The plan includes salads and porridge but still has room for the occasional sausage roll, and was devised following an experiment where four dieters ate only from the Greggs menu.

A new mum, a bride-to-be, a sales rep and a teacher with a hectic lifestyle collectively lost over two stone of weight and 14 inches from their waists in just 30 days.

This prompted Greggs to use the eating plan to highlight their Balanced Choice range, with leading independent dietitian Laura Clark devising a 30-day eating plan constructed entirely from its menu, aimed at encouraging informed and healthier food choices, alongside a more active lifestyle.

The company also created video diaries of its four ‘guinea pigs’, compiled as a mini-documentary film ‘Minimise Me’ (a nod to Morgan Spurlock’s movie Supersize Me where the filmmaker piled on the pounds by eating just fast food).

To watch the video CLICK HERE

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