Cosy cafe served a delightful lunch

Guardian Gourmet Annie's Coffee House, Woodsetts (w130130-2)
Guardian Gourmet Annie's Coffee House, Woodsetts (w130130-2)

PERCHED on the main road through Woodsetts village is a delightful little café serving homemade food and friendly service.

As a passer-by you’d be forgiven for missing Annie’s Coffeehouse, Eaterie & Takeaway. But once inside the petite building you will find it has much to offer.

Stepping through the pretty stained glass front door on a Tuesday lunchtime I was first struck by how cosy the café is.

Inside were a family with young children finishing their lunch, a could having a coffee and a gentleman reading the paper.

I stood at the counter and browsed the menu as a friendly female staff member packed hot sandwiches and drinks into a carrier bag for another customer.

I was spoilt for choice. The menu boasted hot sandwiches, all day breakfasts, jacket potatoes, paninis, cold sandwiches and other light bites like omelettes, chips and beans on toast.

Trying to be virtuous on my new year health kick I opted for homemade quiche and salad (£3.50) and a mug of tea (£1.20).

The attentive waitress asked what sort of quiche I would like – sausage and cheese, or bacon, mushroom and cheese – I chose the latter. And I was offered my choice of salad vegetables – everything except onions.

I sat near the window and flicked through a selection of magazines and newspapers which were thoughtfully available, and took note of the bright, contemporary interior décor.

I didn’t have to wait long for my food. And what a colourful plateful it was.

I couldn’t wait to tuck into the warm, golden, individually baked quiche and mound of mouth watering salad, comprising salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot and sliced boiled egg.

A creamy dollop of coleslaw also went down a treat.

Cutting into the quiche I was pleased to see it was firm and deep, packed with juicy mushrooms and thick slices of bacon. It tasted rich, creamy and very cheesy – perfection on a plate.

I savoured every morsel and was pleasantly full once I had finished.

As usual after a savoury bite, my eyes were drawn to the cake cabinet. There was no way I could attempt to demolish a sweet treat there and then. But there was nothing to stop me taking some away for later, and a slice for my boyfriend too.

I chose two slabs of ‘very berry cake’ which we had it that evening with a cup of tea.

It was sublime. A dense, moist cake shot through with fresh summer fruits and topped with a crumbly crust.

Whether you live in Woodsetts or not, Annie’s Coffeehouse is a must-eat destination. I would definitely go out of my way to visit again.

Hayley Gallimore