Complaints over ‘hazardous’ sign

The junction of Torr Street and Beaumont Street G120515-2
The junction of Torr Street and Beaumont Street G120515-2

DRIVERS pulling out of Torr Street in Gainsborough are being forced to run the gauntlet of busy Beaumont Street without a clear view of the road.

The obstruction is the recently revamped Tesco totem sign which shows petrol prices next to the forecourt.

West Lindsey District Council said it had received a number of complaints from people unable to see the road because of the sign.

Previously, drivers pulling out of the junction could see the road between two posts which held it up.

“It’s a real hazard. I have already seen one accident along there since the sign was filled in,” said one angry driver who did not wish to be named.

“I can’t understand how something like that could get planning permission.”

Simon Sharp from the council’s planning department said the council had not received an application for the new sign.

“We are investigating whether the new signage is sufficiently different to that approved under previous approvals to require a new consent,” he said.

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We always listen to our customers, so we will be making changes to the sign to make it easier for drivers to see when pulling out.”