Comic fans must not miss World Comic Book Day at Worksop store

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Comic Quest in Worksop is one of the thousands of shops around the world celebrating World Comic Book Day by handing out free comics.

The event, running at the Hardy Street store on May 5 from 9am until 5pm, is aiming to introduce people to the wonder of comic books.

Adam Hall, owner, said: “World Comic Book Day is a great event for the whole community.

“Bringing everyone together, finding books for everyone to enjoy, and seeing people of all ages sharing our passion for comics is incredible.

“Even if you’ve never picked up a comic book, we want to welcome everyone to Comic Quest on May 5.”

Each year, thousands of participating stores give away over five million books to fans.

“Comics are a fun and enduring form of entertainment for readers of all ages to dive into as imagination comes to life,” added Adam.

The Americana-themed store opened in December and sells a range of modern and vintage comics as well as superhero figurines and American soda pop.