Column: Government is finally acting to fight UK ivory trading

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

This week, I spoke in Parliament about the Bill that has been proposed to tackle the ivory trade in the UK.

This is something that I have worked for a long time along with the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Last October, I hosted a reception in Parliament along with this organisation to put pressure on the Government to bring in legislation to ban the trading of ivory in the UK.

In addition, I tabled an Early Day Motion which received cross party support from 108 MPs.

It is brilliant that the Government has finally listened and brought legislation to Parliament to combat the selling of ivory in the UK.

I have been personally committed to making this happen for a long time so I am happy that the Govern-ment has now acted.

However, the legislation can go further by tackling the ivory trade online and over social media sites.

I hope that this is raised at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in October this year.

I will continue to campaign to end the illegal ivory trade in whatever way I can.

You can watch my full speech on my Facebook page.

The WASPI campaign fights the injustice done to all women born in the 1950s affected by the changes to the State Pension Law.

This law increased women’s state pension age in line with men with no notice given.

I was contacted by women in Bassetlaw who had been affected by the changes.

These women have been treated appallingly.

The lack of comm-unication, in my view, from the Department for Work and Pensions around this issue is unacceptable and unfair.

I believe that women who were born in the 1950s should not be punished by the lack of any transitional pay. I have signed a motion against this inequality and I will continue working, both inside and outside Parliament, to fight for WASPI pensioners.

This week, the food bank needs jam, potatoes, tinned carrots, tinned meat, stuffing, UHT milk, coffee, soap, shampoo and washing up liquid.

You can bring donations to my office in Worksop.